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The Reca Plast injection and extrusion mold construction department rests its solid foundations on the design and manufacturing experience of our technicians and employs technologically advanced machines.

The mechanical workshop has expanded with the increase in the potential and needs of the departments dedicated to the transformation of plastic materials and today represents the spearhead of Reca Plast: it is the guarantee for an efficient ordinary and extraordinary maintenance service. for plants and molds, also for third parties.

From the first injection molding presses of the 1980s, today the Design and Development of an idea, own and / or commissioned, makes use of highly specialized personnel, able to use both two / three-dimensional CAD tools and tools of analysis such as MoldFlow, CAMoDEA, suitable for the development of digital models that allow you to carry out the various in-depth studies in the “Production” department before actual processing, and this thanks to a highly equipped mechanical workshop equipped with sophisticated technologies last generation.

The machine park supplied (8 CNC machines, including machining centers and milling machines, 1 CNC drilling machine, 1 wire and 1 plunge EDM, 1 CNC lathe with motorized turret, 1 grinding machine and other various tools essential for tooling and adjustment) in fact allows the use of molds with dimensions up to 1500 × 1300 mm and a weight of 10 tons.

Other services

Cutting-edge and tailor-made design

Reca Plast pays great attention to the development of its own and commissioned products, from the design of the article to the structural analysis, in a process capable of optimizing production costs.

Extrusion / blow molding

Blow molding is used for the production of hollow bodies, such as cans and bottles.

Injection molding

The materials mainly used are: polypropylene, TRITAN, ABS, thermoplastic rubber, nylon, polycarbonate, polyethylene, polystyrene, PMMA and SAN, also with self-extinguishing characteristics.


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