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Our values

Reca Plast Srl is aware that the authority of a company is recognized not only by the competence of its collaborators and by the high quality of the service provided to customers, but also by the attention paid to the needs of the entire community. The principles that have always inspired the work of this Company are collected in a set of ethical principles of conduct in the belief that reliability is built every day by respecting the rules and valuing people.

This set of ethical principles therefore represents a distinctive and identifying element towards the market and third parties, whose knowledge and sharing, required to all those who work in the Company or who collaborate with it, constitute the foundation of our activity and the first step to contribute to the pursuit of our vision .

The goal of Reca Plast Srl is therefore to pursue excellence in the market in which it operates, through Sustainable Development, safeguarding the Environment and the Safety of the people involved through the consistency of a respectful behavior of Social Ethics, obtain satisfaction and ensure added value for the Employee, for the Customer and, in general, for the Community.

The conduct of the Recipients, at all company levels, is based on the principles of legality, fairness, non-discrimination, confidentiality, diligence, and loyalty.

Reca plast srl

Correctness and moral integrity are an unfailing duty for all Recipients.

In relations with Stakeholders and in particular in the selection and management of personnel, in the work organization, in the choice, selection and management of suppliers, as well as in relations with Bodies and Institutions, Reca Plast Srl avoids and repudiates any discrimination concerning the age, sex, race, sexual orientation, state of health, political and trade union opinions, religion, culture and nationality of its interlocutors.

Reca Plast Srl , at the same time, promotes integration, promoting intercultural dialogue, the protection of the rights of minorities and vulnerable people.

Recipients are required not to use confidential information, learned as a result of their work, for purposes unrelated to the exercise of this activity, and in any case to always act in compliance with the obligations of confidentiality assumed by Reca Plast Srl towards all the Stakeholders.

In particular, the Recipients are required to maintain the utmost confidentiality on documents suitable for disclosing know-how, transport information, commercial information and corporate operations.

The evaluation and selection of personnel are carried out according to fairness and transparency, respecting equal opportunities in order to combine the needs of Reca Plast Srl , with the professional profiles, ambitions and expectations of the candidates.

Reca Plast Srl undertakes to adopt any useful measure to avoid any form of favoritism in the personnel selection process using objective and merit-based criteria, respecting the dignity of the candidates as well as in the interest of the good performance of company.

The hired personnel receives clear and correct information about the roles, responsibilities, rights and duties of the parties.

Reca Plast Srl protects and enhances its human resources, committing itself to maintaining constant the conditions necessary for the professional growth, knowledge and skills of each person, carrying out the appropriate training for professional updating and any initiative aimed at pursuing this purpose.

Reca Plast Srl promotes the participation of workers in the life of the company by providing participatory tools capable of gathering the opinion and suggestions of workers, ensuring their widest participation.

The Company is firmly committed to combating episodes of mobbing, stalking, psychological violence and any behavior that is discriminatory or harmful to the dignity of the person inside and outside the company premises.

Relations between employees must be carried out with loyalty, correctness and mutual respect, in compliance with the values ​​of civil coexistence and people’s freedom.

The company is committed to offering its staff a healthy, safe and respectful working environment for the dignity of workers.

Safety in the workplace is ensured both by rigorously implementing the provisions of the law in force and by actively promoting the culture of safety through specific training programs. Staff training is a central element of the management system adopted.

Reca Plast Srl protects the health of its workers, also guaranteeing compliance with hygiene and health prevention regulations.

We ask you to take this letter as a recognition, commitment and guarantee towards our collaborators.
Thanks for your attention and support.